What would you do if your Stuff wasn't getting in the way?

Do you spend all of your time organizing and cleaning, instead of doing what you REALLY want to do?

You are doing your best, but you were never taught organizing and how to  keep it that way, and your brain works differently. What would you rather be doing? Do you want learn the string bass, travel, be a better parent, finish college or have a huge garden, but every time to take one step forward, it’s two steps back. You get the kitchen, but the rest of the house falls apart.  


What if you had someone working with you who’s been where you are, knows how you’re struggling, and has a plan ? Could you do if you didn’t have to manage all your stuff and your brain? Lets get you doing what YOU want to do!

You can take your life back!

Who and Why

In 2019 , I was struggling with my ADHD, to keep my house and my family organized and functioning and I felt that nothing I tried was working for me. I lost paperwork, I could never find the craft tools I needed, I spent hours searching for my keys. None of the books I read seemed to solve my disorganization. I thought that the Marie Kondo method would fix it but even after I purged everything that didn’t bring me joy my house still didn’t look like I’d done anything. Other methods never worked for more than a few weeks before my house returned to its normal chaos. Because I couldn’t get my house under control I felt that I was a failure. Nothing I was finding was helping me KEEP my house organized. 


So I took bits and pieces of all the “foolproof systems”, and made my own program. The programs were missing something my neurodivergent brain needed: routines, and accountability! Now, as I have implemented these changes in my life, I can actually stay on top of it, and my life is much more manageable and I can do what I WANT to do. My home supports me, and helps me, instead of distracting me. 


Now I use this program to help other people make their homes work for them, instead of the other way around. I believe everyone has the ability to be organized, it’s just a skill to learn. Let me teach you, and work with you as we get your space under control together.

Lets start slow, we'll tackle your pantry ,or other small space, so you can get life going!
Ready to go? Let's get your whole house organized. In no time you'll be living your best life

What is working with us like?

When I arrived at Autumn’s home, she was overwhelmed. There was so much going on, that she didn’t even know where we should start. I told her that it doesn’t really matter where you start, as long  as you start somewhere. So we started pulling things out of a single cupboard.


As we started going through things, we found a lot that wasn’t useful anymore, some was old and needed to be thrown out, some was just not useful anymore, and we put in a box to donate, and we started to notice things that should go together, we set up a coffee bar, with all the tools, right at hand.


We put all her breakfast foods together, all the ingredients for dinner etc. We used the bins I had brought, to make her space useable. Now she knew what she had in there, so when she went grocery shopping, she didn’t come home with more of something she already had.


When everything had its designated space, we brought all the people that use it, to admire our hard work, and also to learn where things go, so it would be helpful for everyone!

Organizing doesn’t have to be a chore. It doesn’t have to be hard. Organizing can get you to the right spot and let you focus on what YOU want. 

Let's Get Going!

Are you ready to honor the way your brain works and have an organized house?

Have you tried to get organized before but got frustrated when it didn’t turn out?
Do you have so many dreams, but get distracted in your space, and nothing gets done?
Are you tired of spending time looking for lost items, and money replacing them?Do you find yourself getting lost in your to do list, because there’s so much there?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Sunflower Life Organizing can help!

How does it work?

You schedule a time for us to meet, when I can see your space, and we can talk about your priorities

You decide on a path and pay and we schedule a time to work together

I arrive with your organizing plan, and the basic tools we will need to organize your space.

We work together to organize your space, usually in 3-4 hour sessions, longer if we're getting it all done at once.

a. Remove all items from space
b. Decide what stays and what goes

c. Decide on bins and layout

d. Organize your space

We set up routines to keep it organized, keeping all members of family up to date

We will check back on you next week to see how things are going, and adjust as needed

Schedule A Consult Here

I think I’ve got this ($50) 1 hour

Fee put towards package if booked within one week

We can self proof your house in 2 ways… Which way looks best to you?

Taking It Step By Step

  • Each session we tackle an area
  • We discuss current use and routines and adjust with new organization
  • Shorter sessions spread out over weeks or months to allow integration of changes
  • Check-in as necessary, and reevaluation of previous spaces at each appointment
    Monthly paid packages depending on frequency

Let's Do It All

  • We do it all together in one fell swoop.
  • We plan specific projects for specific days, get it all organized
  • Longer sessions grouped together to get it all done at once
  • Great for just before or after a move, or when you need a reset.
  • Continued support as necessary
  • Package cost due on booking

Pricing ranges from a $300-$4000+ based on spaces organized. We will agree on scope of work to be done.

All organization products extra on top of package costs.


organizing money

That’s EXPENSIVE! I can just do it myself

You can, but at what time cost?
Sometimes permission, from an outside source is what you need. I have spent the last 2 years coming up with this program, and I want you to be successful. You will also learn, as we are going along, the process, and be able to use that to do other spaces, on your own. This is an investment in YOUR mental health. You’ll be so glad you did!

organizing time

My time is valuable, why can’t you just do it?

YOU know best what you need, and how your household runs. While there is some organizing I can do by myself, your participation is essential so I can create solutions that will be useful and beneficial for your household. We will do it in bite sized chunks so that you have time between sessions, to get used to the routines and we can troubleshoot what needs to change.

organizing questions

My spouse thinks we’re ok, and doesn’t want to do this, but I need you!

Every relationship is different, and you know best how to talk to your partner about help. One of the best things we can do is to organizing their space, if even for 15 minutes, and help them see the benefit. We’d love to do that, for them.

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